Welcome to Techenvy New Media Marketing

In the rapidly changing marketplace your web presence is the window to your products and services. Your business success depends on the adoption of new media. We specialize in three core areas of digital competence: Acquisition, Conversion & Retention 

Our area of services cover the following domains. Click below on any of the Digital Marketing Services for further information and how we can help you grow your customer base and marketing performance

Customer Acquisition

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Pay Per Click(PPC) & Paid Advertising

Content Marketing

Public Relations (PR)

Customer Conversion

Conversion Optimisation

Lead Generation

Web Design & Development

Analytics & Call Tracking

Customer Retention

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Monitoring Brand Reputation

Strategic Consulting & Planning

Customer and client acquisition for your business

Within the parameters of google best practices we employ SEO, PPC,Digital PR techniques.

​New customers and existing customers are the lifeline all businesses need. As more customers are going digital and online, it is imperative that new startegies are required for client acquisition.

At Techenvy New Media we are constantly using new technologies for our clients to get the best R.O.I possible for their marketing budgets​.

We take all our clients needs in account and devise customise solution to all their marketing efforts.​

Capture and convert web visitors into sales

Customers can be directed to your website by targeted advertising through various media channels.

But to convert your web visitors into paying clients requires hooks and call to action elements to get their attention.​

By employing conversion rate optimisation we can convert more visitors into clients. It requires more than two or three contact points before a visitor buys.

Through visitor data analysis employing google analytics, call tracking​, heat map tracking we can pin point the behaviour of the website visitor and optimise our campaigns.

Each campaign requires specific landing page design to convey and capture the visitors attention.​

Tapping existing customers for repeat business

Customer retention is most often ignored or neglected by businesses as they are busy with current marketing efforts.

Through customer incentives using customer loyalty, newsletters, email marketing, and retargeting you can get more business from your familiar customer base.​

At Techenvy New Media we offer various strategies using brand management, social media, email , free giveaway contests using facebook, online surveys.​

The lifetime value of your customer is extremely important​ and we can help your business capture repeat business.